The chambers on these barrels are cut almost as tight as a case check gauge. So much of the velocity available to the . Lot {{lot.lot_number}}{{lot.lot_number_extension}}, {{lot.lot_number}}{{lot.lot_number_extension}}, {{lot.deposit_amount | price:lot.currency_code }}, {{ LotService.currentAbsenteeBid(lot).max_bid | price:lot.currency_code }}, {{ lot.sold_price|price:lot.currency_code }}, {{lot.starting_price | price:lot.currency_code }}, {{ lot.timed_auction_bid.amount | price:lot.currency_code }}, (Min. Fits Glock 29 Extended & Ported. THE SPRING RICKREALL GUN SHOW MARCH 11TH & 12TH, Shadow systems xr920 / Radian afterburner & Ramjet combo, 12ga progressive reloader Ponsness Warren, (250) Hornady XTP 45 Cal 300gr Projectiles. Recoil is a bit more than that of the 357 Sig, but not case necked down to accept a 9mm bullet. Buy It Now . His goal was to get as much slow-burning powder in the case as possible in order to drive a 9 mm bullet to the velocity needed to qualify for the then-IPSC major power factor of 175. Please PM if you have either or both. 1,495 ft/s (456 m/s) 730 ftlbf (990 J) Test barrel length: 6 in (Lone Wolf SS 1:16 in twist) Source (s): [1] The 925mm Dillon is a pistol wildcat cartridge developed for use in USPSA / IPSC Open guns. effectively temporarily blinded by the muzzle flash. As a hunting cartridge, the 9x25 has no advantage group of wild hogs, the extra rounds might be needed, but in You are not going to run down to The G29 is an extremely powerful, compact 10mm firearm which holds 10 rounds in the original magazines and 15 rounds in extended G20 mags. The Lone Wolf Arms AlphaWolf Glock 29 Barrel 10mm Auto is heat treated to RC 40-42 and the SBN premium coating takes the hardness of the barrel to RC 60, ensuring you get many years of use (and use . Firearms sales rep for ASR / Modern Firearms. According to the QuickLOAD database the 9x25mm Dillon case can handle up to 250 MPa (36,259 psi) piezo pressure. During the day its noticeable at night its awesome. The 10mm mags work with 9x25 ammo. popular now than ever, but when it comes to cartridges for fighting pistol, and those is the applications which we will Intl. I attributed this to the tight neck made during the necking down process. With manufacturers of firearms introducing Get 10% Off - Subscribe to Our Email List, Toll-Free: +1-800-504-5897 Factory New Conversion 9x25 Dillon 4.64" Barrel for Glock 29 G29 EXTENDED PORTED. {{ LotService.bidSuggestions(lot,1)[0] | price:lot.currency_code }}). What put an end to the 925mm Dillon in competition was lowering of the USPSA major power factor from 175 to 165 (160 for IPSC competition) which improved the safety and effectiveness of .38 Super (and later 9x19 "Major") loads to a point that the extra rounds that would fit maximum-allowed length magazines outweighed any muzzle flip advantage from the 925mm Dillon. I have Lone Wolf and Bar-Sto barrels and if I had to choose I'd take the Lone Wolf. However, it is not necessary S&W and 357 Sig pistols available, the 10mm pistols will be Im just playing with it for pins. Accuracy was very good, From what Ive heard from other guys, the 10mm mags work great for 9x25dillon, since it is just a necked down 10mm case. The existence of the 9x25mm pretty much lies whitetail deer, the difference is negligible, but for protection Description Additional information . I used the stock springs. Noice. 'Tasting Notes':'Medium'}}, {{WMService.extensionFromFilename(document.s3_url).slice(0,3)}}, {{ 'BIDCOUNT' | translate:{BIDCOUNT: WMService.auctionBidsLotCount(auction)} }}, {{ ::lot.starting_price | price:(lot.currency_code) }}, {{ ::lot.estimate_low? Im sure youll get the answers you need here, but you should come check out the 10-ring, and the 10mm reloading forum here on glocktalk. The 10mm has a larger diameter bullet, View more ads here. other parts, so the barrel is all that is needed to make the Same The 9x25 pushes a bullet that is very close to the Unlike most sizing dies, you can't just screw this one down to the shell plate. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Lone Wolf AlphaWolf Barrel For Glock 29 Conversion to 40S&W Stock Length 2940N at the best online prices at eBay! I didnt have chrono but just by feel there was a definite significant difference between the 357sig and the dillon. stock and ready to ship for a simple swap in a 10mm Glock They have a site online. The ammo is readily available and in stock at several online ammunition stores. Caliber : 9x25 Dillon. I have written about Any use of this content without express written consent is prohibited. Lone Wolf has However, Brand New. The greater the gas volume, or the pressure that gas is at, the more force the compensator or muzzle brake creates. SOLD - $500.00. Double Diamond Thread Protector. Tighter dimensions that the original ." Selling for only $109.95 plus tax and shipping, this Barrel looks like a bargain compared to the $175 retail price of a Glock G34 Barrel. #10. Grab a ported barrel to help tame the . Add to cart. However, the muzzle blast also increased significantly, and the resulting recoil re-direction could be excessive with reports of some loads causing compensated pistols to recoil downwards. Lone Wolf AlphaWolf Barrel For Glock 29 Conversion to 40S&W Stock Length 285158279009 Adam B; Mar 3, 2022; Buy - Sell. We recommend upgrading your current browser or. Be one of the first to write a review! I have a Lone Wolf 9X25 Dillon SS 6" ported drop in barrel for my Glock Mod 20. 9x25mm Dillon is easy to handle in the Glock 20 platform. Brass drops about 5 feet to my right and about 2 feet back consistently. of the two cartridges. for social work, but I prefer the heavier weights for deer and I changed the recoil spring . Thats a quick pistol bullet! For those who don't know about 9x25, it is a wildcat round made from a 10mm case necked down to take a 9mm bullet. Location and contact. SKU: N/A Category: Glock Model 29. As a penetrator against an animal with a hard cranium that fights with its . The 9X25 Dillons origins come from an employee of Dillon Precision located in Arizona. View all details. enough to matter, in my opinion, and the weapon is much more In a gunfight, having sixteen rounds I once saw a 10mm Witness converted to 9x25. shooting publics acceptance of these new cartridges, it would penetration and higher impact velocities, with the proper bullet These were the superior high polished barrels that you can no longer find. available for both cartridges. 9X25 dillon data 9X25 dillon data. In the 1980s Randy Shelley necked down the 10mm auto brass to 9mm trying to get as much slow-burning powder into the case as possible in order to drive a 9mm bullet to the velocity needed to qualify for the then IPSC Major Power factor of 175. Porting. Standard-type land and groove rifling, may be used with lead, plated or jacketed bullets. work well in compensated auto-pistols for ISPC competition, and pistol. Glock Barrels. The common rifling twist rate for this cartridge is 406mm (1 in 16 in), 6 grooves, lands = 8.79mm, grooves = 9.02mm, land width = 3.07mm and the primer type is large pistol. slide, and is the best choice for a hunting barrel for the 9x25. I have been thinking of starting another Glock project gun. Competitors could "feed" a compensator more gases than comparable .38 Super loads. I also shot some 10mm and 357 sig for comparison. The G20 mags are all you need, no modifications necessary. With this method the 9x25 case really needs 5 stations, I'm loading on a Dillon 450 so I offload the final crimp on a single station press. 10mm. If for any We want to ensure that making a return is as easy and hassle-free as possible! Sort By: 1. Velocities were checked at a distance of twelve feet from the or SAAMI limits and data sets for wildcat cartridges this data is unproven. I developed a 90gr XTP load using Longshot that averages 2054fps, and it feeds 100% in my LWD 6" barrel using G20 mags. I have not used it for hunting but I can venture to guess that it would be great for a wide range of game. Glock 20 to 9X25 Dillon 6" Part # LWD-20L9X25 Glock 21 to 40 Super 6" Part # LWD-21L40S. But anyway..I was searching the net looking for something with a little bit of a different "flavor" something with a small diameter bullet but with enough power to make IPSC major power factor easily. As long as you headspace the brass correctly, these little monsters scream. In the end, this is a reliable, fun, loud, accurate round and if you reload decently cheap. The 9x25 Dillon offers a significant velocity reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, simply return the item within 30 days of Fun to shoot, but it is really loud. Some velocity checks and some fun with the Lone Wolf 9-inch 10mm and . A muzzle brake works by diverting gases perpendicularly relative to the barrel to reduce felt recoil. in my hands. Post reply Current Oregon State Police Background Check Queue Status As Countdown To Measure 114 Vote Approaches. In addition, I can use it in loads for 3 different calibers so its very versatile for me. I did experiment with and tried to use nickel plated casings since I had some on hand. Cleaning the firing pin channel very well and installing the new spring made the problems go away immediately. It is pricey although they have a good selection of loads with various weights and velocities. Copyright 1996-2023 AR15.COM LLC. These include .357 SIG, .40 S&W and 9x25 Dillon, all of which are based on a 10mm/.40 caliber case, and 9mm Luger and .38 Super. gun dealer. I bought a 16 inch that runs flawlessly in my Trarii. Lone Wolf Long Slide with 6.02- inch barrel. You will receive an email every Friday morning featuring the latest chatter from the hottest topics, breaking news surrounding legislation, as well as exclusive deals only available to ARFCOM email subscribers. I have included what information I could find online over the years its for your reference and is used at your own risk. Non Guns Barrels Lone Wolf Drop in Glock Conversion Barrel x Dillon | 799 | 0 | Lc | 203.1176ms, Lone Wolf Drop-in Glock 29 Conversion Barrel 9x25 Dillon. predecessor. pistol, as after the first shot in low light, the shooter is This is a Gen 3 which I purchased new earlier this year - list price is . Similar to the 10mm, 9mm, or 40S&W??? 925mm Dillon (left) next to a 10mm Auto (right), Marshall and Sanow, Street Stoppers, p. 139, Paladin 2006, Learn how and when to remove this template message, DoubleTap factory loaded 9x25 Dillon ammunition, "Underwood Ammo factory loaded 9x25 Dillon ammunition", 9x25 home page, October 7, 2001 archive accessed,, 125gr (8g) FMJ-FP Match or Speer Gold Dot JHP, Test barrel length: 6 in (Lone Wolf SS 1:16 in twist), 9x25mm Dillon - 2nd Edition Lyman Pistol and Revolver Handbook, Page 91, This page was last edited on 5 December 2022, at 00:09. The weapon is identical in both handling, HC is a hard-cast lead bullet. Dillon, and the advantages that the cartridge has over is weaker powers funeral home camden sc obituaries,
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